From Boots on the Ground

Activist 1140pxDevelop a virtual presence that's as compelling as the work you do on the ground. Got a kick ass organizing team? Make your online presence as powerful as the impression you make when you are out in the streets speaking truth to power. Partner with the Progressive Media Team to develop an online presence that increases your reach…

Web Design

Happy Customer 1140We create attractive, professional designs that serve your organizations goals. We build your website with the best-practices approach, which means your web pages will load faster, rank higher in search engines, look consistent across various computers and browsers, and much more.


Training 1140We will help to train your staff or volunteers. Once testing has confirmed that the site we’ve developed for you is ready, we will train you on how to use the Content Management System (CMS) abilities, which is a very quick process (have we mentioned how easy it is to use our CMS? Call and ask our clients–they’ll tell you. Even better, call us–we’ll show you!).

Attractive Newsletters

News 1140We will help you develop content that develops a following. If you don’t have an email system, we take care of all the technical details and set up for you.  Your emails can be enhanced and integrated so that all your correspondences will be readable, sendable, and synced with all your communication devices (Microsoft Outlook, mobile phone, web browser, etc.).